Make CapsLock useful (again) on Linux and Windows

TL;DR: Use this repository to remap the CapsLock key and move your hands around the keyboard more effectively.

Setting up development environment with docker

This summer I finally decided to learn and integrate docker into my development process. I had to use a bunch of different tools, such as postgres, influxdb, go and nodejs, and last thing I wanted was to install all that locally. I won’t go into yet another “docker tutorial”: there are hundreds of them already (if you’re into go, this one looks good, although a bit outdated). Instead I’ll explain some issues I faced trying to move all the dependencies into containers and how I solved them, with a focus on installing vendor libraries within a container and sharing them with host through a volume.

Meeting Lora

It started accidentally: I took a course on Connected embedded systems architecture at CMU - something that I, having experience mostly with web and high-level systems, have feared. Next thing I know is I’m doing a research project on Lora - long range wide area network, a standard gainining popularity in IoT. While I’m not allowed to tell much about our project itself, I might try to explain the technology from a perspective of IoT application developer.

Selecting roads on map with Overpass API

For a recent project at one of my courses, we had a requirement to highlight a road segment on a map when user clicks on it. In a search for a ready-to-use database or API with road coordinates, I’ve found Overpass. It’s a part of an OpenStreetMap project that provides OSM map data over API, and has a feature to get roads around given point, which is exactly what was needed.